Further forms of termination

Termination upon time period expiry

Contractual employment for a duration usually ends upon expiry and the relevant contract of employment is terminated, without a time period of notice becoming necessary (comp. Art. 334, Para. 1 of the ‘CoO’). Notice to terminate is thus essentially precluded.

Termination upon the decease of a party

Under Art. 338, Para. 1 OR, contractual employment terminates upon the decease of an employee.
The decease of an employer only then leads to the termination of contractual employment when such was essentially entered into with deference for the personage of an employer (comp. Art. 338a, Para. 2 ‘CoO’).

Contractual termination

A termination agreement  between an employer and an employee, a so called abrogation agreement, under which contractual employment is mutually terminated at a certain point in time.

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